Climb Max Mountaineering

Custom Sewing and Gear Repair

Climb Max's services include sewn products, custom sewing, and repair work for a variety of items all done locally. Contact us with specifications, we're happy to answer any questions or offer you an estimate.  
Repair Services
  • Cam and Tri-Cam sling repair
  • Belay and haul loop repair
  • Zipper repair
  • Fabric repair (tents, backpacks, zippers, etc)
  • Shoe resoling coming soon!!
Custom Sew Products
  • Etriers (regular and off-set)
  • Trekking Axe leashes
  • Quickdraws (4in, 6in, 8in, 10in)
  • Slings (1ft, 2ft, 4ft)
  • Traditional Daisy Chains (4ft, 6ft)
  • Personal Anchors (4ft, 6ft)
  • Industrial Strength Anchor Systems (4ft, 6ft)

*we can customize any of these products to meet your specifications, just ask!